Top UI Design Mistakes That Can Affect Website Traffic

Laptop computer using a search engine

Well-designed and properly optimized User Interfaces (UI) have proven time and time again to lead to influxes in website traffic. Individuals rely on simplicity. Be honest, when was the last time you finished a puzzle? Now, when was the last time you took a picture? Exactly. Taking a picture takes a second out of your day, and speaks a thousand words. A puzzle takes a thousand pieces and makes one picture. Simplicity is key to individuals, so it is imperative to have a sufficient UI design that will lead to more satisfied customers. In order to create a proper UI design, there are many mistakes to avoid.

UI Design Overview

Who isn’t fascinated by a well-thought-out and creative piece of art? That should be how your site’s visitors view your UI: as art. It should pop! This all starts with the right color scheme and relative formatting. Understanding color theory and utilizing proper fonts, headings, and backgrounds are sure to impress the visitors of your site. Familiarize yourself with what fonts and font colors suit your background. Well-coordinated color planning will better attract clients than creating animations or simply being too plain.

Your UI should be eye-catching, and feature color schemes that contrast one another properly. Proper contrast leads to simplified reading, and we’ve already established that simplicity is key. Regarding simplicity, recent UI design tips indicate that flash elements can be distracting. Flash elements should also be avoided because they are not supported in many browsers, which has resulted in failure in cross-browser testing.

Does Your UI Have Compatibility Issues?

Compatibility regarding mobile devices and cross-browsing is key when it comes to creating a user-friendly UI. So many browsers are available on the internet nowadays, and their usage varies depending on demographics and devices. It is important that you perform proper cross-browser testing to be certain that your site runs properly on all of your targeted browsers. Your site should also be mobile-friendly. With most individuals having internet access right on their mobile device nowadays, it is important for your site to appear to your specifications and be easy to navigate whether on a computer, phone, or tablet.

Your UI Is Pleading For Business

The importance of approaching a sale subtly can not be stressed enough. Persuasive design is trending. Through persuasive design, site visitors will be more involved mentally and more anxious to see what lies behind the next click. However, this strategy should not be overused. Being too subtle and lacking specification is a major turn-off for site visitors who may be looking for precise information or even looking to buy. If a site is too subtle, visitors won’t think twice before they venture to another more articulate site. Like anything in life, it is important to find a balance. The right balance between subtlety and aggressive business tactics is critical when it comes to garnering online business.

Now, let’s talk about Ads. Ads may be a good way of generating revenue for your site, but using too many ads can be frustrating for users. Let’s be honest, how annoying is it when you are trying to read an article, order a product, or watch a video and you are interrupted by Ads constantly. Useful content is significantly more important than Ads, especially to users. If your site has too many Ads, it could be depleting your client base.

Making An Efficient And Effective UI

Now that you have a grasp of what to avoid and what to do when creating the right UI design to generate more website traffic, go out and prove it! Users love when a business’ website is professional and easy to read, but there’s more to it than that. That special ingredient is you! Add a personal touch to your site, but be sure that the UI is sound before you start. Make it pop, make it universally compatible, and don’t be desperate for business! Business will come to those who put thought behind their site and make using it simplistic for visitors (with some flare). Now go and make your UI efficient, effective, and memorable for its users!