How To Get Your Business On Top Of The Google SERP

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Ranking on the Google SERP for relevant searches is imperative to the growth and success of any business. With the business world quickly transforming into an online experience, there are fundamental facets of every branding strategy that one must familiarize themselves with.

Getting to the Top of the Google SERP

In order to have your business adequately placed on the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page), there are a few things you need to know. Follow along as we discuss the best steps to take in order to plant your brand’s flag at the peak of the Google SERP.

Step #1: Optimize Keywords

It’s not news to established/veteran business owners and entrepreneurs who conduct business online that establishing a presence of relevant keywords is paramount to success. Finding out what people are constantly searching for is the number one thing your company should be focusing on. This will let you know how to properly optimize your content in order to attract casual searchers.

Step #2: Produce Relevant Content

The right original content, relevant to your brand, will ensure a circulation of returning clients who want to hear how your business is growing and changing according to current trends. Content is very important when it comes to attracting and building trust between your business and your clients, be they current or prospective. As it pertains to the SERP, content that is relevant to current trends is imperative if you want your business to be on top.

It is important for keywords to match your content as well. Stuffing irrelevant content with relevant keywords, or vice versa, is very noticeable to customers. Many companies do this and don’t understand why their online presence is deflating, or non-existent to begin with. If you want to have a successful online presence, produce good content! It’s that simple!

Step #3: Create Fruitful Backlinks

Optimized keywords and relevant content are phenomenal contributors to ranking or even being number one on the Google SERP. But, one should consider having effective backlinks on their site as well. Links provide customers with the belief that the minds behind your site stand for fact-checking. Ensuring that your site is dedicated to giving customers the knowledge necessary to fully understand claims and make informed decisions is of utmost importance. Google recognizes high-quality links, and is more likely to recommend professional fact-checked content than content that is conjured up based on belief.

Step #4: Optimize Website Speed

Have you ever clicked on a website and the search bar takes longer to load than a kid learning how to use the dishwasher? Yeah, imagine a customer experiencing that with your website. That’s a big no-no. The page loading speed of your website, when fast, can make a great lasting impression. The faster the pages of your website load, the more visitors are going to be likely to continue using it. You need to remember that there are numerous ranking factors that impact your SERP rank, some of which can make or break a business. The most important of those factors is properly optimized website speeds.

Start Ranking on the Google SERP

Planning on ranking on the Google SERP is like hoping to make a shot with your eyes closed. Knowing how to rank on the Google SERP is driving the lane and slamming it home. It is crucial to have a proper strategy in place when optimizing your business for the web. Relevant keywords and content, effective backlinks, and fast website speeds are integral facets of a functional site that will generate success. The ball is in your court. Take what you’ve learned here today and use it! Now more than ever, people need good content. No one wants to stay entangled in the mess COVID-19 has made for us. Now is the time to prove to your clients what you can do, and it all begins and ends with building an online presence that is second to none on the Google SERP.