10+ Zoom Backgrounds For Better Conference Calls

Take a look at your calendar this week. How many video calls do you have on the agenda? 6? 8? For some, single digits are probably on the low side of the spectrum. If you’re anything like the creative crew here at VSSL, you’ve started looking for fun, professional and downright weird backgrounds for those Zoom calls to make your work from home day a little more entertaining. We took the liberty of compiling a great bundle of Zoom backgrounds to fit your every need. Have an internal sync that you want to add a little flavor to? How about an important client call that you don’t want to take place in your living room? For all these and more, keep reading for 10+ Zoom backgrounds to make your conference calls better.


Working from home doesn’t always lend itself to being the most business-appropriate background. Dress up those sweats or lounge pants with a few professional backgrounds like these. Click on any of the images below to download them for yourself:


Internal meetings and happy hour hang-outs are the perfect opportunity to break out some seriously unique backgrounds. Is your office having a contest for the most unusual Zoom background? Maybe you just need something to truly express your inner self in your next brainstorming meeting. Whatever the case, click on any of these fun Zoom backgrounds below to download the perfect fit:


We couldn’t let you go without some rad VSSL approved designs to make your Zoom background stand out for all the right reasons. Click on any of the images below to download a VSSL graphic that’ll make you an honorary member of our crew:

VSSL flag on brown, textured background