Insycle Spotlight: Streamline Data with Ease

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Marketing has always been a data-driven endeavor, and with the move to digital adoption showing no sign of slowing down, this trend will only grow in importance. Organizations can spend many dollars and often employ dedicated business or data analysts to ensure quality in their data-driving marketing programs. Insycle offers a powerful data management alternative that enables marketing teams to execute more efficiently and more effectively.

What Is Insycle?

Insycle is a SaaS data management solution that integrates with your marketing and sales technology platforms, including Hubspot and Salesforce, to organize, clean, and transform your customer data.

In addition, 67% of companies rely on CRM data to help them target and segment customers. Yours is most likely one of those companies.

Why Should I Use Insycle?

Insycle empowers your data management by providing the ability to quickly and effectively transform your data at a detail level while also providing bulk update capabilities. You can standardize contact job titles and addresses while associating an account manager with specific companies and deals, and perform a bulk update of all relevant records, all in a single action. And if you like, you can automate the whole process. Insycle integrates directly with your CRM and marketing automation systems and provides an efficient and powerful means of making your data consistently actionable.

Insycle also saves time and money by eliminating manual and complicated data transformation tasks. For example, the Excel add-on Transform Data by Example, a recent Excel enhancement, requires ten steps to complete a single data transformation task. With Insycle, you can achieve the same outcome in less steps and with automation, making the transformation a one-and-done proposition. 

One last feature to highlight is the Insycle Health Assessment, a powerful tool that automatically scans your entire database, looking for more than thirty of the most common types of data errors. Having identified data errors, the Health Assessment provides the ability to fix those errors with the click of a mouse.

Benefits of Insycle: What You Need to Know

Integrating Insycle into your sales and marketing technology stack can save you money and valuable time that can otherwise be spent achieving your end goal and empowering your sales and marketing campaigns.

VSSL takes the above proposition and adds even more value by implementing your data management program for you. We use the power of Insycle to organize, cleanse, and update your data while you focus on finding customers and making sales. Here are some examples of the tasks we perform on your behalf:

Finding and merging duplicate records

Using the power of Insycle, we implement functions to automatically detect duplicate Hubspot contacts, companies, and deals, and then bulk merge these records without losing important data. With Insycle, we can identify more duplicate Hubspot records that have similar, but not exactly matching data elements. 

Eliminating Hubspot and Salesforce Sync Issues

Database syncing is, by nature, a process fraught with error. By standardizing and automating the cleansing and updating of data simultaneously in the two databases, the syncing process becomes flawless. Two databases transformed according to the same set of standardization rubrics eliminates syncing errors, resulting in data that is significantly more accurate.

Improving Personalization

Marketers have sought to personalize messaging for as long as there has been marketing. Online lead nurturing campaigns depend entirely on personalization to achieve the desired level of conversion. The more focused and personalized the campaign, the more likely that campaign will produce results. We use Insycle to analyze Hubspot data to identify, track and fix over 30 common contact record issues, ensuring the data collected is an accurate reflection of the actions and preferences of a given contact.

Reducing the Risk of Bad Data Imports

Often, CSV contact file imports can introduce mistakes and errors into your database. Your data might be sourced from multiple systems, with little or no quality control from one instance to the next. We deduplicate, cleanse, and standardize all data sources prior to being imported into your Hubspot database, allowing you avoid expensive errors like overwriting valuable data, creating duplicate records, and other issues that can reduce the overall integrity of your data.

Standardizing Your Databases

Consistency is a defining aspect of data quality. Achieving data consistency empowers your data-driven marketing campaigns, but also increases the quality and accuracy of database search and reporting. Having accurate and consistent data at your disposal for relaying to clients or your organization is crucial.

VSSL and Insycle

These are just a few examples of data management services we can provide our clients with the power of Insycle. Contact us to learn more about how our marketing operations team can leverage Insycle to improve the quality of your data and level up your sales and marketing program.