Achieving Digital Marketing Nirvana with HubSpot Reporting and Dashboards

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Your clients need proof. They like you, sure, but not enough to pay you if you can’t produce results. How do you prove you’re a worthwhile investment? The answer is simple: show them the numbers.

At VSSL, we recognize the vital role reporting plays in client satisfaction and retention. That’s why we’re a HubSpot platinum partner. This allows us to leverage reporting to maximize your performance. Utilizing such strong reporting tools ensures that our clients understand what we do and why. In marketing, stats are vital.

That can raise some questions: “What does a good report look like?” and “How can you utilize data to keep your clients loyal and satisfied?” We’re going to explore Hubspot reporting from the ground up. Here’s what you need to know.

The Importance of Clean Data

The first step in building a strong data set with Hubspot reporting is making sure your data is clean. This means ensuring your stats are current, accurate, and easy to read. Digital marketing moves at break-neck speeds. If you’re not diligent about keeping up to date, you can easily get lost in faulty numbers.

Luckily, cleaning your data can be straightforward and easy. Hubspot’s workflows allow you to view and manage your data, meaning you can review it on a regular basis. This helps you fix formatting issues, cut old contacts, and ensure your stats are up to date.

Using third-party tools like Insycle can make this process even easier. These apps actively flag any cleanliness issues and help you correct them, saving you the tedium of digging through everything yourself.

Visualizing Your Data

Once you’ve given everything a scrub, it’s time to put it into a gathered format. This process is called visualization. Hubspot provides a variety of tools to visualize data.

With their custom sales reporting, Hubspot allows users to monitor the performance of their sales team. Metrics like Call Outcomes and Time Spent in Deal Stages can be easily understood, allowing you to understand what’s working and course-correct what’s not. 

The traffic analytics tool also provides valuable insights by allowing users to clearly grasp their potential customer’s activities. Knowing this, you can analyze what strategies produce the best results and adjust your campaigns accordingly. 

The new custom time between calculated properties feature takes things even further. It provides insight into how long it takes to move between a variety of properties such as tracking the average time it takes to close a deal.

Finally, Hubspot’s attribution reporting allows you to visualize revenue distribution by customer. By understanding where the money’s coming in, you can grasp how your marketing and sales efforts produce results.

New Features in HubSpot Reporting

Hubspot reporting has a few features in the works that will enhance your reporting even further. Their new custom report builder will allow users to create reports analyzing multiple data sources at once. The tool will automatically find associations between sources, meaning your reports will be as accurate and easy to understand as possible, all while capturing more data.

The dashboards are also being enhanced. For one, their product limit is increasing. They’re also making the dashboards more responsive, meaning your reports will reflect every adjustment and new piece of information thrown at it, making your reporting the easiest it can possibly be.

Using HubSpot Dashboards

Your dashboards are where you collect visualized data. They allow you to organize the various reports so you can make the data meaningful. With that, you’ll want to be thoughtful about how you approach the story they tell.

To get started, choose a single topic per dashboard. Establish the goal you’re trying to achieve with this data set. Once you know the goal, choose the right visualization. Select a graph or chart that intuitively reflects the information it presents. Avoid formats that are overwhelming or unclear. After the data is clearly represented, set markers that clearly define how your company should react. As an example, you can set a threshold that indicates you need to evaluate new approaches if an ad results in less than 3 percent engagement. This takes the data from numbers to narrative and ensures your strategy stays responsive.

VSSL and HubSpot Reporting

Hubspot reporting provides enormous benefits to any marketing endeavor. Here at VSSL, we utilize these kinds of analytics to ensure we stay at the cutting edge of marketing strategy and continue to deliver our clients’ results. 

Want to learn more? Reach out to us via the contact page and we’ll help you level up your reporting.