Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Hand touching artificial intelligence nodes on screen

As artificial intelligence continues to grow and integrate with marketing tools and strategies, keeping up with AI updates and tools becomes increasingly important for you and your marketing team.

When combined, AI and marketing can be used to leverage these data tools to predict your customer’s next steps and improve their overall journey.

Core Elements of AI Marketing

  1. Big Data – Artificial Intelligence can cluster and segment large sets of data, leaving very little manual work for the marketer. This data can be used to ensure the right person gets the right information at the right time.
  2. Machine Learning – Certain platforms can help identify trends by predicting insights and reactions so we can make decisions based on the gathered understanding of the likelihood of certain actions repeating. We can use machine learning to decide things like which ad to show, how a bot should respond to a certain question, or which segmented groups to target.
  3. Personalization – Consumer recommendations are able to be more accurate and customized with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Studies have shown that consumers are willing to share deeper levels of personal data if they can benefit from how it will personalize their experience. If we can capture personal data automatically via AI in every possible consumer interaction, we can build a thorough profile to use for user personalization.
  4. Solutions – In addition to identifying concepts and themes across huge data sets, Artificial Intelligence solution platforms are able to process content such as linguistic habits and patterns, captions on social media, and personal email correspondence, mirroring interactions of a human in these settings. They do this by interpreting emotion and communication to build a more complex understanding of how to engage with others.

Core Benefits of AI Marketing

  1. Intelligent Searches – As consumers find what they are looking for faster than ever before, it’s important to appear at the top of the most relevant search results. Through the use of big data solutions, Artificial Intelligence can analyze search patterns and help identify the areas where marketing efforts should be focused.
  2. Smarter Ads – AI solutions can delve into keyword searches, social media profiles, and other online data to make online ads more effective and smarter to appeal on a personal level to potential clients and consumers.
  3. Content Delivery – Artificial Intelligence allows for targeting strategies to go beyond typical demographic segmentation methods and understand people on an individual basis. We can now identify potential clients/buyers while delivering the most relevant content to them.
  4. Relying on Bots – Artificial Intelligence bots have access to an entire internet’s worth of information and search histories. With the integration of this knowledge as well as the inclusion of human-like conversational speech patterns, bots are a much more effective way to “staff” chat functions and other direct-to-consumer avenues.

Getting Ahead of the Curve

Now is the perfect time for marketers to get ahead in the age of AI as we’re still in the very early days. Here are a few ways to stay ahead of the curve:

  • Look into repetitive, manual marketing tasks and see how you can automate them. There are many AI-powered marketing tools that you can use to replace repetitive, manual tasks. Here is a helpful article that explains a number of AI tools that can be used to improve your content marketing:
  • Get more out of your data. Discover ways to involve Artificial Intelligence in a way that supports the amount of data being used within your organization. Devise strategies and personalize content by using dataset owners and AI tools to best support your organization’s needs.
  • Discover the AI abilities of your existing marketing tools. Existing platforms are always adding new AI capabilities to their existing products. It’s smart to start familiarizing yourself with the AI capabilities in the tools you already use as there will always be new additions and updates as AI continues to grow.