Business Operations: A Trilogy

Three gears turning

Marketing Operations, Sales Operations, and Revenue Operations

What Are They and How Are They Different?

Operations is a core function of any company – constantly changing and evolving as the business grows –  and like the gears and mechanisms within machinery, are constantly working to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you think of the core operations within a business as a Venn diagram, the three main elements to make it up would be Revenue, Sales, and Marketing. Each has its own core responsibilities, but with overlap and a shared goal of increasing efficiency to support sustainable growth.

What Is Marketing Operations?

Commonly referred to as MOps, the Marketing Operations team focuses on the processes, technology, and resources to scale marketing and make the day-to-day strategies as efficient as possible.

marketing ops ven diagram

What Is Sales Operations?

The Sales Operations department’s primary purpose is to enhance the effectiveness, productivity, and business impact of the sales team. This is achieved by optimizing business systems, processes, technology, and infrastructure to enable sales teams to sell more effectively and be more productive overall.

marketing ops venn diagram 2

What Is Revenue Operations?

Also known as RevOps, this department in a business is responsible for aligning a business’s system, tools, and processes to revolve around its customers and the customer experience. The RevOps team has the most overlap between all operational elements, with the primary focus on the bottom line, and how to enhance any system or process that ultimately results in increased revenue to the business.

revenue operations venn diagram

People, Process, & Technology

Across all three branches of Operations, there is a similar theme of people, process, and technology.

People: Aligning teams around a single view and goal of the business

Process: Increasing efficiency through the optimization of existing systems and tools

Technology: Identifying new software and tools to enhance or streamline teams’ day-to-day operations

business operations table

What Business Operations Means for You (and Your Agency Partner)

The operations trifecta, like three gears in our earlier provided machine example, are constantly turning and supporting each other toward individual and shared goals. While some companies will separate these departments, here at VSSL we use the term Marketing Operations as an umbrella to cover all three.

From our point of view, it boils down to semantics because every business is unique and has its own needs and goals. While one business may already have a solid sales team managing their sales operations and only want support with their marketing operations, another business may want support across all three areas. Or perhaps another business only needs help to establish their lead scoring and routing.

In understanding the differences, you can choose how to best move forward to support your business needs and priorities.

If you think you could use some support with your business’s sales, marketing, or revenue operations, or if you just want to learn more about what this all means, send us a message! We can’t wait to chat with you.