VSSL and San Diego Design Week 2022

Brains & Brews skull with beers

Every year, the design community in San Diego hosts San Diego Design Week – an event where designers and artists can come together to celebrate creativity and inspire each other. 

What Is San Diego Design Week?

According to the SDDW site, “San Diego Design Week (SDDW) is an annual five-day event celebrating design across the binational San Diego-Tijuana region. A community-led event, SDDW features programs such as live community discussions, studio tours, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, films, and podcasts from all disciplines of design.”

San Diego Design Week is a chance for camaraderie, networking, and learning for the design community within San Diego and Tijuana. The event offers in-person and remote panels, studio tours, film screenings, networking events, gallery openings, and additional learning opportunities. 

Why Did VSSL Get Involved?

The San Diego Design Week theme for 2022 is inspiration

We knew we had to get involved in San Diego Design Week because we wanted to participate in supporting and fostering the amazing design community that we are lucky enough to be a part of in San Diego. When thinking about the theme of inspiration, we decided to create an experience that replicates how we get inspired as a crew at VSSL.

We believe that the strongest crew is one that works (and celebrates) together. We approach everything as a creative challenge to be solved, whether that’s a website design project from our Creative team or an SEO content strategy from our Demand Generation team. 

What Is VSSL Doing for SD Design Week?

At VSSL, we are committed to leaving the world better than we found it by connecting people: the crew, our clients, and their customers. Our ritual for staying connected and inspired is finishing our workday as a crew, with a casual beer on the harbor. It strengthens our personal bonds and allows for less restricted conversation, which ultimately leads to more creative thinking. That’s what we want to share with the San Diego design community.

For SD Design Week, our event is called Brains & Brews on the Bay.

After following social distancing guidelines in 2020 and 2021, VSSL is hosting an in-person experience with an interactive design trivia happy hour at Mission Bay Yacht Club. This isn’t your average pub trivia night. 

We will digitize traditional pub trivia and make all of the questions appeal to everyone’s inner “design nerd.” We are building a custom trivia app for visitors to test their design knowledge, all while facilitating meaningful conversation for those within the design community. No googling is allowed, but collaboration is strongly encouraged. There will also be some creative challenges along the way, which will further promote conversation and collaboration amongst attendees. We seek to inspire one another not only through the trivia but through the camaraderie among designers from all levels of experience.

We are really looking forward to hosting this event and hope to see you there! 

Why SD Design Week Matters to the Design Community

SD Design Week presents a chance for designers and non-designers alike to be inspired by all facets of design, including graphic design, interior design, architecture, fine arts, fashion design, urban design, and countless others.

Even though designing a project or creating a piece of art can be a very personal process, creativity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Artists and designers thrive when working with other creatives, especially those who introduce them to fresh perspectives and ideas. 

Getting involved in your local community – through events such as SD Design Week – is a great way to meet other artists, appreciate their art, get inspired, and hone your craft.  

Register For SD Design Week 

If you’re interested in getting involved in SD Design Week, you can attend as many events as you’d like. There are tons to choose from throughout San Diego county and Tijuana. Brains & Brews on the Bay is a free event with drink and food tickets!

If you’d like to participate in our event at San Diego Design Week, you can register here. We hope to see you there!