UI Design Tips to Turn Website Visitors into Clients

Antique magnifying glass over website browser window

Knowing and understanding your clients is one of the only ways businesses can scale their success. Additionally, this understanding is key to generating website traffic. However, website traffic is only the first step for a business to succeed online. In fact, one of the biggest questions for businesses that run a website is: How do I get people to go from just visiting to buying my products/services? One of the most effective methods to help make this conversion is through UI design.

Step 1: Create a User-Friendly Experience

If your user interface design is not clear, simple, and user-friendly, then you are creating a frustrating experience that can drive potential business away from your site. Make sure your wording, symbols, colors, and buttons are cohesive in design and intuitive to use. How does that translate to your design? 

  • Provide clear button copy
  • Use symbols that are universal and are clear enough that they direct rather than confuse users 
  • Use highlighting for buttons and links
  • Use clear wording
  • Ask for confirmation for actions, especially those that are irreversible 

According to Hubspot, 76% of respondents surveyed reported that being able to easily find information is more important than any other factor. 

Step 2: Know Your Audience

As we previously said, knowing your clients is key to success. How can you translate this into your UI design? To start, you’ll need to gather data from your website visitors. This data will allow you to understand how users interact with your website. It should also indicate if your website has something missing or failing. Utilizing tools like Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and CRM tools like Hubspot will allow you to deep-dive into the behaviors of your target audience.

Once you have enough data, you’ll need to bring it into your design process so you can make improvements to your website.

Concise UI Design

To get new clients, you need them to stay on your website long enough to understand the services and products that you sell. In addition, to retain potential clients on your website, it is crucial to make it appealing. The text that you include in your web pages must be concise. Nobody wants to read wordy paragraphs about a product that they are not even sure that they will buy. 

In a nutshell, we live in a fast-paced society, so let’s value our clients’ time by keeping our website content short and informative.

Keep It Simple

Keep it simple! That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be creative with your UI design or distinguish your brand. Absolutely, you should still do that. A problem that creatives run into is when they make their users think too outside the box and lose the goal of the experience. Ultimately, this can heavily impact user retention and overall conversion potential. Making the process of navigating your site simple will allow every user or lead who happens upon your site to do business with you efficiently. 

Optimizing user interface design could be the difference between a successful business and a struggling business. After all, your user interface is how clients learn about your business. If you need a team of experts to combat the rough seas of web design with skill and ease, contact VSSL Agency today.