The Best Zoom Backgrounds on the Web

Lithograph of sailor with gold coins on eyes

It’s basically become a competition at this point to see who will have the best Zoom backgrounds in every meeting. From the creative to the crazy, Zoom background articles have been popping up all over the internet. We’ve gone through and pulled together some of the very best to help keep your Zoom backgrounds arsenal fully stocked with some of the best images the internet had to offer. Click on through the links below to find your next background. You can thank us later!

Fan Favorites

Looking to add some fandom flair to your next conference call? Wish you were having a meeting from Diagon Alley or maybe the Griffindor Common Room? Check out Elite Daily’s collection of their Harry Potter backgrounds. If Harry Potter isn’t your style (which, let’s be honest, if it’s not you’re lying), Disney pulled out all the stops with their Disney/Pixar and Marvel collections. Head over to Marvel’s website to download some of your favorite superhero settings, from Wakanda to Tony Stark’s lab. Add some color and nostalgia by visiting the Walt Disney Studios Twitter account to add yourself to your favorite childhood movie.


Social media has seen a huge influx in the last few years of fast food account engagement. It only seemed natural for the fast food brands to get in on the digital background trend. Two of the most engaging brands in this industry are Taco Bell and Denny’s, so of course they quickly jumped on the Zoom background bandwagon and their creations did not disappoint. Download Taco Bell’s backgrounds here and get Denny’s themed backgrounds here. Not a fan of those two? No sweat! Door Dash put together some awesome restaurant interiors so you and your friends can order in and have a virtual lunch together.

Live Events

Quarantine has led to a good deal of events and trips getting cancelled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still pretend! (It’ll feel not super great, we get that. Totally fine.) Some of your favorite live event functions have put together the perfect Zoom backgrounds so that you can still support your favorite MLB team, finally get out to New York to watch Beetlejuice or catch a concert at Radio City Music Hall.

Other Pop Culture

Last, but not least, you can head over to Zoomer Backgrounds to find a variety of pop culture, fandom, and other weird and wacky Zoom backgrounds that are sure to steal the show and start a conversation in your next meeting.