Joining 1% for the Planet

1% For The Planet

This morning, we shared the news that we’ve joined 1% for the Planet by pledging to donate one percent of annual sales to support organizations focused on the environment. This may seem like an odd announcement for a marketing agency that largely supports B2B technology companies, but to our crew and our clients, this commitment is just the latest step in a journey that began when we started VSSL.

Why us? Why now?

We started VSSL so that we could do meaningful work for like-minded companies. Through our efforts, we worked hard to make a difference and leave things better than we found them. On the surface, this is easy to do when we’re overhauling the identity of a company that has outgrown their brand. But we’ve always wanted to give back in a more impactful way.

Marketing agencies have always sailed under the radar a bit when it comes to measuring our impact on the planet. But the fact is that every decision we make for our clients and ourselves has an impact on the planet. Being based in San Diego, we see firsthand the threats posed by climate change, from wildfires to the rising sea level. It’s time to hold ourselves accountable and do our part to help combat it.

VSSL for Change

In 2020, our employees created VSSL for Change. This grassroots program enabled our crew to make positive change through education, discussion and giving back.

These efforts are organized around our four pillars of engagement:

  • Learn: We educate ourselves through books, articles, podcasts, speakers, and documentaries.
  • Empower: We take it upon ourselves to make change and continue the conversation long after the work has been done.
  • Act: We give back to our local and global community through time, energy and financial support.
  • Discuss: We come together as a crew to discuss what we’ve learned.

This program started small, with a few activities a year, and quickly grew in scope. We now have multiple types of engagements throughout the year. Not all of these are environmentally aligned, but that’s always been one of the biggest passions for the crew.

One way we’ve woven this concept of giving back into our corporate culture is through our Anchor award. Each week, employees nominate someone on the crew who had an exceptional week, and that winner selects a charity to receive a donation from VSSL. To date, we’ve given away over $12,000 to a wide range of charities, from the Equal Justice Initiative to the San Diego Food Bank.

Each month, the crew plans an activity to coincide with the calendar. In the past, we’ve participated in “I Love a Clean San Diego” beach and bay clean-ups, organized panels on empowering women in the workplace, helped set up for San Diego Pride, and volunteered with Feeding San Diego to help end hunger.

VSSL for Change Partnership Program

Last year, we started the VSSL for Change Partnership Program. This program is an opportunity for us to share the work we do for our B2B clients with non-profits that align with our values. As part of the engagement, our crew will provide 6 months of pro bono marketing services focused on a specific marketing discipline like SEO, Social Media, Brand Positioning, Email Campaigns, Event Support, and more. We kicked off this engagement by supporting Girls on the Run, and are currently supporting Surfrider San Diego with social media marketing support in further their mission of protecting our ocean and beaches.

The Future

Environmental issues have always been a top area of focus for our crew, and by joining 1% for the Planet, we’re able to amplify our efforts. We’re proud to team up with this organization to support organizations focused on the environment. This commitment is just one way we can hold ourselves accountable for taking action to support the environment.

Learn more about 1% for the Planet, and find out how your organization can participate here: