5 Digital Marketing Focus Areas For Online Reputation Management

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Digital marketing and the management of online reputations is a strategy that directly impacts the bottom line of a company in the modern world. Digital marketing is becoming more and more dependent on sincere conversations, and the impact of ignoring digital has very real consequences.

Here are five digital marketing focus areas for online reputation management that will help keep any business successful.

1. Email signatures

Sound trivial? Yeah, we hear that a lot. Email signatures are an often overlooked digital tactic. Here’s the thing about email signatures, though, they can either represent unity or chaos in a company.

Make sure everyone in your company is using a unified email signature – whether designed by your agency, or simple and direct – so that your company has one voice. You can also use email signatures to advertise your website, social media, and recent white papers.

2. Identity Branding

You might think this is a given – and it likely is with your print marketing – but digital identity branding is often taken for granted. You need to make sure that your website and social branding match, and that those two elements match your print advertising.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that any paid digital advertising matches as well. It is so easy to post things to digital marketing channels that brands often overlook the impact those things will have on their overall reputation. Take a minute, take a breath, and consider using a digital agency to help you manage these things.

3. Customer Service

Digital customer service is one of the areas where many businesses fail. Unlike phone calls, digital responses are open to the public. It’s really important that you have a digital customer service strategy in place, and that you make sure it is being followed. Many brand reputations are ruined through just one bad digital customer service communications.

4. SEO

SEO is an essential online reputation management tool. It is the strategy that will ensure that people can find you online. SEO can be a wild beast, though, and difficult to tame. Google is constantly changing the requirements for best practices, and it ends up being a lot of work to maintain. A digital agency that is not only up-to-date on the current expectations, but also prepared to deliver those best practices for your company, can help maintain your reputation.

5. Content

One of the easiest ways for a brand to manage its online reputation is through content. Simply publishing relevant, unique content to social, your website, and you blog, you’re setting your brand up for success. The best content is content that is published on a frequent and consistent basis, so make sure you can meet those demands, or hire a digital agency that can help you.

Of course, this all comes down to one concept: your digital strategy. Contact us today with your online reputation management issues; we’re problem solvers with an award-winning portfolio that showcases the successes we achieve when we get fired up about your digital strategy.