Customizing an Allbound / HubSpot Integration to Meet TransImpact’s Needs

VSSL client TransImpact is a North Carolina-based provider of business and parcel intelligence that helps large companies reduce the cost of shipping. They had two excellent sales platforms, HubSpot for CRM and Allbound for PRM, handling data from their relationships with outside sales partners.

Here is what TransImpact needed:

  • An Allbound/HubSpot integration that would allow TransImpact’s sales partners’ leads to register their own opportunities without logging into the portal while maintaining ownership over the resulting registrations.
  • They wanted sales partners to be able to use one side of Allbound but manage everything else themselves from within HubSpot
  • Maintain functionality of the Allbound partner portal
  • Keep data synced in real-time between Allbound and HubSpot
  • Dynamically and appropriately qualify, notify, assign, and associate created or updated contacts, companies, and opportunities

This was not a simple, out-of-the-box implementation. VSSL worked with partner Allbound to create a custom solution that went above and beyond their needs.

Reversing the Data Flow Achieved What Was Needed

An intake call was held to outline a project scope and determine specific deliverables. We also evaluated TransImpact’s understanding of the HubSpot and Allbound platforms to see where additional support was needed.

The integration that TransImpact needed would be unique. Allbound is designed to allow sales partners to register their own deals inside the portal, but TransImpact wanted their sales partners to be able to send the registration form to their leads to self-register. Since Allbound wasn’t built to do this, we completely customized and reversed the typical data flow for the Allbound<>HubSpot integration, which allowed us to use HubSpot features to fill the gaps instead.

These were some of the steps taken:

  • To allow TransImpact sales partners’ leads to self-register, VSSL utilized HubSpot forms in lieu of Allbound’s native deal registration forms. We included custom JavaScript to scrape the sales partners’ user data and inject it into form submissions, whether they were logged into the portal or not.  Submissions were then linked with the appropriate sales rep.
  • With the form submissions funneling into HubSpot directly, VSSL used a custom Node.js script inside a workflow using Operations Hub to look up and store the sales rep contact record and associated company record data. The custom script uses that data later to create and associate deals with both the lead’s contact record and with the sales partner’s contact and company records associated with it.
  • VSSL, with support from the Allbound team, reverse-engineered the typical AB <> HS integration via the API to sync opportunities back into Allbound after an engagement check by the sales team was made and the deal had been qualified.

Raising Returns on TransImact’s Allbound and HubSpot Investments

With the integration project complete, TransImpact saw immediate value from its investment With their new, customized setup, they were able to get even more value from both Allbound and HubSpot.

Within just two months of starting the project, VSSL was able to fully customize and integrate the Allbound and HubSpot platforms, including the MVP beta launch for select partners, and the subsequent open alpha launch of the partner portal.

Now, the TransImpact team can receive leads from the partner program in their database of choice. They no longer have to manually copy all the data and then re-create it in a separate platform. The data just flows over, they do what they want with it, and it will automatically flow back: from Allbound to HubSpot, and from HubSpot back to Allbound.

Since the integration was completed:

  • 30 deals have been registered through the custom integration
  • 14 new partner companies have been granted access via Allbound to integrate with and be provided access to the portal
  • 10-15 hours saved weekly, more than 520 hours saved per week

Our ROI is tough to calculate, given our sales cycle is long but I’d say on average 10-15 hours a week across training and education, marketing, and emails for deal submission.  A big value add! — JJ Jeffries, Vice President of Channel Strategy, TransImpact

A New Integration Partnership Is Born

After the successful launch of newly integrated platforms, VSSL will continue to optimize the integration.  We have identified a series of priorities for the next phase and will continue to optimize and improve the integration to fit the needs of our client and their partners as these tools are fully utilized, and the sales teams grow.

TransImpact is fortunate to have an excellent in-house HubSpot administrator who handles daily operations. Now, for all integration projects, they have named VSSL as the agency to work with.

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