Crafting a Killer LinkedIn Content Strategy

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It’s no secret that LinkedIn has become one of the most popular B2B platforms for professionals looking to network and connect with potential customers, job candidates, investors, and industry thought leaders. With so many professionals gravitating toward LinkedIn, it’s important to have a LinkedIn content strategy in place.

The key to a successful LinkedIn content strategy? Knowing the type of content that will attract your targeted audience and help you reach your overall goals. Here are tips for crafting a killer content strategy and creating effective post formats to tackle your goals (and who knows, maybe go viral).

First Things First: Outline Your Marketing Goals

Establishing your marketing goals will not only keep you focused but will also guide the type of content you should be creating. Here are some common LinkedIn goals:

  • Adding potential leads to your pipeline
  • Building a community of loyal customers
  • Introducing your business to potential customers or investors
  • Improving employee satisfaction or attracting new talent

Once you have a clear understanding of what you wish to accomplish on LinkedIn, you are one step closer to creating the right content for your business that will ultimately support the success of your marketing efforts.

It’s Time to Build: Create a Content Strategy

After you lock down your goals on LinkedIn, it’s time to build out the LinkedIn content strategy and messaging that will help you achieve them.

Not sure what content to post? Here are five tried and tested content types for LinkedIn:

  • Share an Inspiring Story

At its core, LinkedIn is a space where people go to share inspiring stories and motivate others. People love to hear authentic stories that will influence their decisions, and this type of content works for almost any individual or brand. So be open. Share tales of personal development and the real-life stories that have shaped your business journey to where you are today.

  • Videos, Memes, and Visuals

The secret sauce to accelerate engagement and growth? Visual content such as videos and memes. It’s likely you won’t be able to scroll your LinkedIn feed without seeing some sort of video, meme, or gif. Why? Because this type of content has a greater chance of catching the attention of users, all while getting more impressions and interactions. Use videos to introduce yourself, your offerings, or to share stories. Use memes or gif effects to help bring personality into your brand.

TIP: LinkedIn does not support gifs, so make sure to use an MP4 file.

  • Employee Spotlight and Company Milestones

Celebrating corporate milestones or putting the spotlight on your employees is a pivotal way to strengthen your company profile while also bringing your employee community together through their achievements, big or small.

TIP: Tag employees or stakeholders in your captions to boost reach and engagement!

  • Carousels and Polls

Interactive content – such as polls and carousels – is a great way to encourage your audience to engage with your content. Use polls to ask questions, spark conversations, and gain insights into your audience. On the other hand, if you’re looking to showcase your products, share testimonials, or give a behind-the-scenes look into your culture, carousels are a dynamic and engaging way to bring variation to your posts, all while increasing your click-through rate.

TIP: To post carousels on LinkedIn, simply convert your images or document into a PDF.

  • Articles and Newsletters

LinkedIn articles and newsletters are essentially blogs that you publish directly to your LinkedIn page. When you publish these long-form content pieces, your audience will see them posted directly in their feed. LinkedIn articles and newsletters are a great way to share in-depth information on a specific topic, brand stories, or company updates with your audience. You can either publish a fresh piece on LinkedIn or republish an existing blog post from your website. Remember, people love to read stuff that they can connect with!

Wrapping It All Up

When it comes to LinkedIn, the opportunities for attracting customers and generating revenue are endless. The bottom line: Set clear goals, create a LinkedIn content strategy, track your progress, and don’t be scared to put yourself out there to determine what works best for you, your audience, and your business!