Case Study: Tapping Into the Craft Brewer’s Conference with ThinFilm

ThinFilm coasters on top of background showing beers


Thinfilm, a leading global provider of NFC mobile marketing solutions, recently hired Digital Style to help with their marketing efforts at the annual Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville, TN. Their goal was to focus on showing brewers how their near-field communication (NFC) technology, SpeedTap™, could help them stand out in the crowded food and beverage industry using digital coasters.

Although this project was for a tradeshow, Thinfilm wanted to offer a non-traditional, immersive experience for attendees. Any company can get booth space and offer tchotchkes and games, but not many companies are willing to forgo the traditional to focus all their efforts on a guerilla campaign. By taking this interactive approach, Thinfilm sought to display by example how SpeedTap can chuck expectations to create digital touchpoints on products that motivate buyers to use their phones to get info and deals.


Armed with a passion for beer and inspired by Thinfilm’s boldness, Digital Style got to work on the backbone of their business: brainstorming. After spirited discussion, we focused on the topic at hand: people that drink beer also love to talk about beer! We presented our ideas to Thinfilm and the way forward was clear: sprinkling Thinfilm coasters throughout bars around the conference with artwork that enticed patrons to take a quiz.

That’s right: a quiz. We know that beer drinkers not only love to talk about beer, but also love to show off all of their random beer knowledge. This concept did not disappoint.


Thinfilm extended their bold approach to our execution and allowed us the creative freedom to design a campaign that would really resonate with the conference audience. With our marketing expertise and the help of a third-party vendor, Jebbit, we were able to quickly build the high-performance mobile quizzes that we needed to introduce Thinfilm to conference attendees. In our design phase, we kept our designs and the overall experience in line with the Craft Brewers Conference theme and honed in on ways to resonate with the culture of beer brewers. The interactive experience was anchored by custom landing pages in Hubspot, which allowed ThinFilm to gather all the lead information from the quizzes.

The quizzes qualified the leads based on their status as either a brewer, a brewery owner, or a general beer fan. The most qualified leads were invited to an exclusive party where Thinfilm could get face time to demo their technology. Other leads were taken through a different interactive experience, and detailed analytics on starts/stops, quiz performance, responses, time on quiz, how often multiple quizzes were taken from the same device, etc. were collected for Thinfilm.

“Thanks to Digital Style, we have been able to achieve key new marketing objectives, while our internal resources were allocated elsewhere. We get the benefit of a full-service agency for every campaign, from strategy to execution. I would recommend Digital Style to anyone looking to elevate their positioning and create meaningful conversions with their customers.” — Evan Howe, VP Sales, Thinfilm



Did we mention that beer lovers also love to share their beer knowledge? Yeah, we thought so. The proof is in the results of this case study:

  • 84% of people who started the quiz, completed it
  • 46% of people who were shown the happy hour form completed it

About Thinfilm

Thin Film Electronics ASA (“Thinfilm”) is a global leader in NFC mobile marketing and smart-packaging solutions using printed electronics technology. Thinfilm creates printed tags, labels, and systems that include sensors and wireless communication — all at a cost-per-function unmatched by conventional electronic technologies.

Download the Case Study here: Tapping Into the Craft Brewer’s Conference with ThinFilm