The Best April Fools Internet Pranks of 2016

What’s more fun than searching for internet Easter eggs?  Laughing at people who just got punked.  Or to be more specific, seeing how creative companies were with their April Fool’s Day pranks in 2016. This year the internet didn’t hold back.  With well over 150 different pranks to sift through, I decided to break them up into a few categories.

One category will be the “Dang, you went there?!” for those who weren’t scared to kick their pranks up a notch.  There will also be quite a few April fool’s spoofs under the “I really wish this wasn’t a joke” category, because the fact that they aren’t real makes them cruel.

Last but not least, is the “Lol. Well done my friends” category for those who know how to have some fun on April Fool’s Day.  I’ll also leave a list at the bottom of the blog with everyone who didn’t quite make the cut, but still had some entertaining ideas none the less.

Dang, You Went There?!

Let’s start with our favorite group of internet hoaxes, the ones who weren’t scared to go there.  These ones made me literally laugh out loud in my office on Friday, so they make it to the top of the April Fool’s Day Best Of List.

This first prank may not seem like that big of a deal, until you realize it upset so many people it had to be shut down with an official apology by 9 am.  Personally, I would have put Google’s Mic Drop Email under the “I really wish this wasn’t a joke” category, because I would love that to be a real option for my emails.

Some people were seriously upset by this prank, but come on, where’s your holiday spirit?  If you can’t laugh at a minion dropping a microphone at the end of an email, you’re just a scrooge that ruined April Fool’s.  Google did a decent job with their new delivery service and reality goggles too, although they aren’t exactly worthy of the “Dang, you went there?!” category.

Not that I was looking or anything, but I heard that Pornhub may have gotten a little corny on Friday.  I’ve included a little screen shot to give you a glimpse into the sexy world of corn love.  And while we are on the topic, don’t forget to stay safe and save the environment with Ansel Condom’s new rewards program.

The best of April Fool's Day 2016

Feeling a little dirty after that?  Don’t worry, we have some pranks to clean you up.

Woot has already changed their home page back to normal after filling it with bidets, butt fear not, I’ve included their portable bidet video and a little screen shot so you can enjoy some toilet humor as much as I did. Or you can check out Quilted Northern’s New Rustic Weave, if you’re not into all that new age technology.

best April Fool's Day 2016

While we are on the topic of toilet humor, I have to give to Bathstore’s Silent Loo app for going there.  It was brave and disgusting- well done.

I think Modstock, a fake stock photo company, had the funniest April Fool’s campaign of all. “I think we’ve got a lot of good things here, except for everything”.

Funny or Die has changed back most of their “hacked by North Korea” homepage, but if you get to their site early enough you might still see a few videos left over.

best April Fools Day 2016

Joking around that someone lost their job is almost as cruel as the “I’m pregnant” prank, which is why this Lyft prank was so awesome.

I Really Wish This Wasn’t a Joke

As I looked through hundreds of April Fool’s Day gags, I found myself a little upset when I realized that some of these things don’t actually exist.  Sometimes jokes are just cruel.

Living in San Diego, I know how bad the Hipster outbreak has become, which is why I’m very upset that Trulia did not come out with a real Hipster map.  If the hipster outbreak gets any worse, we will have ship them away via the new Hipster Airline.

best April Fools 2016

I wish that Grammarly’s post wasn’t a joke so that Dakota, our office dog, could edit all of my grammar mistakes. I think the rest of my Digital Style team wishes that Wonder Paw was real so Dakota could help out with some coding.  Here’s just one last puppy prank by Chegg.

Every day at work I lose valuable minutes of typing time because I have to keep picking up my milkshake.  Thanks for crushing my dreams Ed’s Easy Diner, this really could have be a huge help in the office.

I think Ghostbusters’ fans, or people with ghost problems, would agree with me that modern technology needs to find a way to make this Sony prank a reality.

I didn’t actually read this article, I just want a boat with a lazer on top of it.

best April Fools 2016

Please please consider giving children their own section on a plane, preferably sound proof.

I totally fooled my Amsterdam friend with this one.  Seriously though, if it was real, I would buy this self-driving bike.

I think we can all agree that if Trump is elected President, we will ask Esurance to make this prank a reality until the next election. I’m moving to Hooter’s very own private island, or what has recently been changed back to Cozumel.  Who’s coming with me?

best April Fools 2016

Once again, I don’t see why bluetooth socks can’t be a real thing.  Make the strip waterproof and I will gladly buy several pairs.  Actually, make some bluetooth sweaters too while you’re at it.

I would have been all for this if the hiding spot for naps was included in my workcation.

Fear of public speaking is real, and nothing to joke about.  As someone who suffers from Glossophobia, I would find these VR goggles quite helpful.

As long as there aren’t any children or drunk people in your kitchen, and you have great health insurance, kitchen chainsaws should totally be a real thing.

kitchen chainsaw

I’m thinking about stealing this idea, but flipping it to Trade Your Kid for Kars instead- I just think the demand would be greater.

Beer Drone Delivery should be real. Period.

Don’t lie to me about delivering waffles, it’s just mean.

best April Fools 2016


I just think I’d have more friends if I had pizza scented candles.

In all seriousness, I think anyone who knows someone in the military wishes teleportation was real.

Lol.  Well Done My Friends

These pranks gave me a good chuckle and deserve a “job well done” from us here at Digital Style.  Thanks for the laughs.

Netflix not only let John Stamos take over the entire homepage, but they gave him a fake video trailer, a fake outrage video, and a fake apology video.  Netflix must really love John Stamos, or think he’s a fool.
netlfix apology

I’ve included an extra link for this prank because one is the video for this tasting app, and another is a video of a news anchor who actually fell for it!

I would not be the least bit surprised if people paid this much for a pet home in San Diego.

Well played T-Mobile, I like the theater setting myself.

Snoop and YouTube  are making your video experience better than ever before.

Thanks to photo filters and this prank, everyone can be Ansel Adam’s.

I have to admit I had a nice chuckle when I saw H&M’s Mark Zuckerberg line of clothing.  It’s funny because it’s true.

best April Fools day 2016

I’m just impressed with how Hubspot got a hold of all these animals.  I’ve been on the waitlist for a lion for 3 years.

I remember seeing a preview for Richard Branson’s show about buried treasure on a plane once, it seemed great until I realized there was no buried treasure…or was there?

I hate when I’m hovering down Main Street like a unicorn on roller-skates and my hoverboard bursts into flames!

Dinosaurs would probably still exist if they had cute bohemian clothing back in the Jurassic day.  Fashion is life.

Well done Pimm, it took some skills to digitally claim Big Ben.

Personally I think Redbox should have actually hid people in their machines and had them jump out, or at least have a human hand reach out to the customer with their DVD, but I guess this little Now Hiring prank is good enough.

best April Fools 2016

Since we all need to get back to work, I’m going to stop here with the best of list.  In case you’ve got some more free time on your hands, here’s a few extras. If I missed any, feel free to post them on our social media.  Keep in mind some sites may have removed their pranks or changed their sites.

Sorry I Couldn’t Fit Them All

Photo By: Lars Andersen