8 Unique Ways to Repurpose Blog’s Content

Hand putting letters onto table to spell out the word "Content"

If you are a marketer, you have been tasked with producing and publishing digital content. One of the most common forms of content for businesses is blogging.

Writing articles is a great way to gain favor with SEO, and that content can motivate your audience to return to your website over and over.

For many marketers, coming up with content can be a burden that they just don’t have time for during their day.

The good news, though, is that those blogs that are already being produced can easily be turned into opportunities for other content. That’s right – your existing content can be recycled too.

Here are a few things that you can do to avoid missing out on content opportunities for your business:


If you have a blog as a base for content, you can review that content and reorganize it and have it designed as an infographic. As an image, the content is now more suitable for image-based sites like Pinterest and Instagram.


If your blog content is educational (and even if it’s just fun!) you can turn it into a presentation that can be shared with your audience and accessed at their convenience. As a presentation, the content can become something that your audience uses as a reference in their own research.


If you are continuously publishing blogs, you have everything you need to get a webseries started. You can have a single host that presents the content in this new medium, or you could have a host use the content to start conversations with guests and industry experts.

Webinar/On-Demand Presentation

Your blog content – either a single article or a group of articles – can be repurposed as a webinar that you offer to your audience; as a bonus, this method allows you to collect information about registrants so you can remarket to them. If you can’t host a webinar, you can instead record a voice-over and pair it with some PowerPoint slides so that it is available on-demand for your audience.


If you have great statistics or quotes in your blog article, or just good tips, you can pull the text and pair it with an image to create a meme that can be used on all of your social media sites.

White Papers/eBooks

If you often write about similar topics, you can pull all of those articles into a single reference document and offer it as a white paper or eBook. Similar to the idea of creating a presentation, this will also allow you to collect valuable information about those that access your content.


If you have a popular blog topic, you can repurpose it to create content blocks, or full series, for your email marketing.


Not everyone has time to read a blog, but people often have time to listen to the spoken word during their commute or when they are completing mundane tasks. Consider turning your blogs into conversational podcasts and making them available for anyone to listen.