5 Social Media Design Trends for 2022

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With 3.6 billion active users in the U.S., it’s tougher now, more than ever before, for brands to stick out in today’s noisy social media world. To help you create social media posts and visuals that will cut through the noise and drive engagement in 2022, we’ve collected the biggest (and boldest) social media graphic design trends.

What Are Some Social Media Design Trends?

From color schemes to backgrounds, here’s what you can expect to see in the coming year.

Dare to Be Bold: Bright and Fluorescent Colors

As a marketer, you know that color is a universal communicator, a powerful force of the visual world that influences how we see and feel. With that said, what are some ways to add emotion and personality to your brand while also ensuring you stand out from the crowd? Bold and fluorescent color schemes. This can be done by adding pops of color, patterns that add texture, or bright illustrations. Nothing is off the table with this exciting new trend!

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane: Nostalgia (the 90s + 2000s)

Could this trend BE any cooler? This throwback trend is all about feeling a wave of nostalgia as you scroll through social media. Brands can leverage imagery, music, or pop culture references from the past to create a “remember when” feeling that helps your audience feel more connected. To hop on this trend, use pops of color, funky fonts, stickers, flower-power icons, and grunge elements.

Things Get Blurry: Dreamy Gradients

Gradients are having a huge moment right now! Typically displayed in soft or pastel tones, gradients are an easy and effective way to add color and texture to simple designs. Whether you choose to go bold or modest, gradients can be used across a variety of projects, resulting in a dreamy, creative aesthetic.

One Color Takes All: Monochromatic Colors in Product Photography

Looking to spruce up your social media grid without adding all the clutter? Try incorporating monochromatic photography. This popular color trend refers to the use of varying tones of a single color and has been taking over the digital world from social media to web design. To get started, pick a base color, work in a color pallet, incorporate a contrasting tone, highlight the most important elements of your brand, and don’t forget to keep it simple.


Forget What You’ve Been Told: Break the Rules

Some rules were meant to be broken, right? Don’t worry designers, we aren’t suggesting the key to success is in throwing away all design conventions but if there were ever a time to try something new and escape from uninspiring restraints, the time would be now. Here are some ways to let your creativity run wild:

  • Maximalism sparks the idea that “more is more” by adding overwhelming amounts of illustrations, patterns, and colors to take up the page in a vibrant way.
  • Try new color combinations just to see what they look like together. Sometimes an unlikely pair can make something memorable.
  • Blending 2D and 3D design. Combine the world of 2D and 3D by blending flat illustrations and typography with 3D elements and characters.
  • Play around with non-standard, contrasting fonts and incorporate shapes or photos to your text. The bigger the contrast, the more eye-catching your design will be.
  • Invert sizes. Make the small things huge, and the huge things small.


Explore the Social Media Design Trends That Work For You

There’s no doubt that social media design trends are constantly changing and 2022 is no different. It can often be overwhelming to stay up on these changes but it allows brands to branch out and experience new ways to stand out from the crowd and see what works best for your specific audience and goals.

Whether it’s testing new color schemes or incorporating bold designs, one thing’s for sure: sticking to the old ways is no longer an option. Now get out of your comfort zone and tap into your creativity with these 5 design trends that are likely to take 2022 by storm.