2023 Social Media Trends to Look Out For

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5 Social Media Trends We Expect to See in the Coming Year

As the new year quickly approaches, it’s critical for brands to start planning their social media strategy to reflect the shift of new trends approaching in 2023. If you’ve been in the social media space, you understand that trends come and go and as marketers, it’s our job to stay informed on the latest trends to stay relevant and reap the best possible benefits of social media marketing. 

As the future is not certain, we’ve done our best to predict 5 trends we will be seeing more of in 2023…

1. Embracing Smaller Platforms for Advertising

Although Instagram, Facebook and YouTube will remain popular, brands are flocking to smaller platforms such as LinkedIn, SnapChat and Pinterest to increase their brand awareness and target new, potential customers. This is true for both organic and paid media efforts. To resonate with today’s consumers and reach business goals, marketers must be willing to experiment with new platforms and advertising opportunities.

2. Video Will Dominate

Video content reached an all time high in 2022 and will continue to grow as a necessary social media strategy in years to come. It’s no secret that videos keep audiences engaged and are a great tool for brands looking to introduce a product or service. In order for brands to stay ahead, videos will need to be a critical part of their social media strategy as experts predict that online video will account for the majority of internet traffic in 2023.

Tip: If you’re looking to include more videos into your social media channels, focus on short and sweet video content as most users prefer to watch quick, easy-to-digest videos.

3. Brand Connection and Authenticity

Although influencer marketing isn’t expected to go anywhere, customers will begin to gravitate toward the brands that showcase authenticity and a human approach in the coming year. Brands that steer away from the polished social appearance and focus on a more casual, conversational and personal presence will gain the attention of customers and build real relationships. We will see more brands taking advantage of in-the-moment, true life happenings that will fuel consumers’ appetite for interaction, communication and connection. 

Tip: Leveraging user-generated content (UGC) is a great (and free) strategy to make your brand appear more relatable and authentic. 

4. Meme Marketing

Memes have been around for years, but have recently taken center stage in our social media feeds, with no signs of slowing down in 2023. Memes are not only free and easy to create, but they also offer a unique way for brands to appear relatable, incorporate humor into their content marketing and build connections. People love to buy from brands with which they have a genuine connection, and what better way to connect than over some humor? If memes are something you want to start incorporating, make sure you understand your audience, have a pulse on what’s trending, create timely memes and don’t be too promotional. 

Tip: To get more long-term results from your meme marketing efforts, make sure they are still supporting your brand identity.

5. Adjustments to Social Media Marketing Goals

In the previous years, brands have solely focused their social media marketing goals around sales and brand awareness. However, the pandemic has introduced a new shift toward online shopping, thus increasing the need to pivot toward customer-focused goals. These customer-focused goals will drive the need to expand audiences and build customer loyalty. 

Tip: If your brand is looking to build customer loyalty in 2023, incorporating artificial intelligence and chatbots into your social media channels could help streamline communication and boost customer satisfaction and support. 

Get Help With Your 2023 Social Media

Social media is ever evolving but one thing remains the same – investing in a social media presence remains critical to business success. With that said, which of these 2023 social media trends will you and your brand implement into your social media strategy in the new year?  

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