2022 Marketing Trends That Made an Impact

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The VSSL crew shares their favorite marketing trends of 2022

The start of the new year brings new shifts in marketing trends. As a digital marketing agency, it’s critical for our crew to stay on top of these trends in order to ensure our clients succeed, stay relevant and build cutting-edge and competitive marketing strategies. But before we start talking about some of the trends we predict to see in 2023, let’s reflect on this year’s marketing trends that stood out to us or simply made our lives a little easier.

Whether it was for a client, or internally, some of the VSSL crew highlighted the 2022 marketing trends that made a difference. Take a look. 


“Refresh, refresh, refresh! Website owners saw huge success this year in refreshing existing content by assessing their current content and making room for additional details, longer copy, and more focused keywords. The end result is the ability to rank higher and really outshine the competition for organic traffic.”

— McKenna Themm, SEO Manager


“With the cookieless future fast approaching, collecting first-party data has been more critical than ever before. Prioritizing lead generation through landing page format and campaigns with embedded lead generation forms have been a great way to collect customer information, personalize messaging and convert an interested visitor into a loyal customer.”

— Kate Bosco, Paid Media Manager


“Getting out of the lead volume hamster wheel has been crucial over the past year. Seems like a lot of companies were trying to stuff lead numbers with undesirable leads that never converted into actual business. In 2022, the companies that won were the ones focusing on full-funnel marketing. They found success by really understanding their ICPs, finding the right assets people wanted, and crafting the right message for their audience at each stage of their journey. This trend will become more and more important throughout 2023.” 

— Dwayne Jones, Director of Demand Generation


“As most people have realized, short-form videos took over the internet in 2022. With the rise of short video content through Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn, etc, it was exciting to see brands realize their potential and begin to utilize them in their content strategy. Not only are short-form videos fun to create, they also have the highest ROI compared to other forms of social media marketing. I have no doubt that short-form videos will be even more popular and effective in 2023, so make sure you double down on this next year!”

— Lindsey Sloan, Social Media Manager


“I loved the comeback of retro design this year. Throwback design shows up every few years, but it was cool to see elements from the 90s and early 2000s make their way into brands and websites. Designers really leaned into nostalgia without letting it feel stale or outdated – it was retro with a new age twist. I love that.”

— LeeAnna Diehl, Art Director

“ For me Instagram and TikTok are the new Google. I will literally go to Instagram or TikTok and use it as a search engine to find creative inspiration, clothing trends or new restaurants in town.”

— Bre Arnost, Graphic Designer 


“Recently hyper personalization has emerged. In order to execute a personalized, real-time and dynamic strategy, you need to appropriately capture, store and analyze your data. Without the right technology and creative direction, you are not optimizing your communication with a customer. Don’t be afraid to get personal!”

— Eden Castaneda, Marketing Operations Manager

Plan Ahead for Marketing in 2023

As marketing trends come and go each year, it’s important to keep current and future trends in mind when building out your marketing strategy for the upcoming year. Now it’s your turn to start thinking about your favorite marketing trend of 2022 and if it’s going to stick around in your marketing strategy in the coming new year.

If you need help tackling any of your marketing efforts in 2023, take a look at our services or drop us a line